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Automotive Total Connect

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The Culture Kartel offers a dynamic platform that connects automotive enthusiasts across various interests, from classic cars to modern speed enthusiasts. It provides access to specialized auto-network streams such as JDM, EURO, and vehicle wholesale, brokerage, and supply. Users benefit from a centralized Auto Events Calendar, Live Maps for event navigation, and a robust Communication Platform. This innovative system allows for seamless event organization, real-time updates, and secure information sharing via mobile devices. Emphasizing convenience and community engagement, The Culture Kartel redefines automotive connectivity with its comprehensive suite of features tailored to enrich the enthusiast experience.


Welcome to the fast lane of connectivity! Our platform immerses you in an exclusive automotive community where enthusiasts unite, share, and thrive. Whether you're a classic car lover, speed demon, or gearhead, connect with like-minded individuals, discover insider tips, and ignite your passion for everything automotive. Get ready to fuel your obsession and embark on unforgettable journeys—all within a community that lives and breathes horsepower.

At The Culture Kartel, we offer a suite of features designed to enhance your automotive lifestyle, no matter where you are. Autoculture provides access to three distinct auto-network streams: All Things JDM, EURO, and Vehicle Wholesale, Brokerage & Supply. Additionally, you'll enjoy our centralized Auto Events Calendar, Live Maps, and Communication Platform, among other benefits. Imagine loading upcoming car cruises directly onto Live Maps, allowing the platform to effortlessly organize while you access all data and information on-the-go via your mobile device.

Gone are the days of handing out paper maps; now you can simply ping attendees with event details directly to their phones. You have full control over who sees what information, all securely online. Enjoy the flexibility to make spontaneous decisions and adjust plans as needed; everyone who received event details via Ping will receive live map updates instantly, including notifications about road hazards and other critical updates. Join us and experience the future of automotive connectivity with Autoculture!

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